Railway straddle excavator

Railway straddle excavator

High-efficiency train unloading excavator material leveling machine is the equipment developed and produced by our company according to the requirements of railway transportation operations. It is widely used in the operation site of railway transportation lines and is suitable for multi-scenario operation requirements such as grain transportation, mine transportation and coal transportation etc . Our equipment has the following characteristics:

1. Using special steel, it has the advantages of high toughness and high wear resistance;

2. High legs, large opening, effective passing height of 4200mm; unloading across the train carriage, wide operating vision;

3. Equipped with a large bucket, the bucket is centered for operation, which can easily remove the bottom and side objects of the box

material, unloading a car in an average of 5-8 minutes;

4. The unloaded materials are directly loaded on the truck, without the need for a second transfer on the ground, saving energy and reducing consumption;

5. The crawler is lengthened to increase the contact area, equipped with multiple guardrails and increased equipment

safety factor;

6. The product is flexible, and the opening and height can be changed according to different needs of customers.

meet the needs of different operations;

7. Convenient operation, low cost and high benefit

Specification of Train Unloading Excavator/Materials leveling Machine

Suitable Model13-40t Excavators
Operating wayRefitted Long leg and crosse over train
Height of operating4300mm
Numbers of Leg4
Width of Operating4200-4600mm
Way of WalkingCrawler walking
Dipper Capacity2-3.5t (Can be customized)

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