Railway material leveler with lifting cab

Excavator lifting cab

The excavator lifting cab is a new product designed and produced by our company to avoid the situation where the driver's sight is blocked, thereby reducing the difficulty of the driver's operation and ensuring the safety of construction operations. The bottom of the cab of the excavator is connected with an auxiliary chassis through a hydraulic cylinder, and the auxiliary chassis is connected with the chassis of the excavator through a rotating mechanism. During the construction process, when the driver’s line of sight is blocked due to insufficient height of the cab, the driver can control the extension of the hydraulic cylinder to raise the height of the cab, thereby widening the driver’s field of vision; when the driver’s field of vision is blocked After the obstruction condition is eliminated, the driver can control the hydraulic cylinder to retract, so that the height of the cab is lowered, so as to lower the overall center of gravity and ensure the driving safety of the excavator.

Specification of Excavator Lifting Cab

Suitable Model 13-50t
Cab lifting heightStandard height 2500mm (Can be customized as requirements)
Cab height above ground3800mm
Distance of Cab forward thrust 800mm
Driver’s line of Sight 5000-5500mm
Lifting SpeedCan be adjusted

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