Rail-road ballast undercutter excavator

Ballast Profile/cleaning machine

The railway Ballast profile and cleaning machine adopts the rake tooth chain design, including ballast removal chain, cleaning plate, slewing hydraulic motor, slewing bearing and other components installation on the excavator, and this is a special railway attachment designed for railway ballast cleaning.

The chain-type ballast cleaner needs to be installed on the front end of the 135 or 150 excavator and cleaned from the outside of the Railway, The high-torque motor drives the maintenance-free chain on the working chain and is equipped with super wear-resistant alloy tools to clean the ballast on the railway bed. Continuous cleaning technology and perfect arrangement make ballast cleaning and replacement easier and more efficient, improve construction speed and save labor cost.


Features: It can work in a narrow space, easy to operate, high in efficiency, and can effectively avoid damage to rails, etc.

Specification of Ballast Profile and cleaning Machine

Suitable excavators135/150 Excavators
ApplicationsFor Railway Ballast cleaning and Profile
MaterialsHigh-strength alloy steel
FeaturesAvoid damage of Rail effectively

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