Rail-road ballast tamping machine

Self-propelled excavator hydraulic tamping machine

A self-propelled hydraulic tamping excavator capable of Railway Ballast tamping, it is a special railway attachment designed for railway ballast tamping.

The tamping machine can be installed on the front of the 5-20T tonnage excavator, and the high-frequency vibration and clamping effect of the alloy tamping pick can be realized through the hydraulic vibration motor and the vibrating shaft. Compared with the manual small tamping machine, the efficiency is higher and the tamping effect more obviously, compared with heavy duty tamping Machine, the cost investment is very small, and it can realize single-person operation anytime and anywhere, which makes the tamping of railway sleeper ballast easier and more efficient, improves the construction speed and saves labor cost.

Specification of Tamping Excavators

Suitable Capacity of Excavators5-10T12-20T
Clamping range(mm)240-520mm240-520mm
Tamper qty48
Tamping power(t)10T10T
Suitable Railway Gauge (mm)1000-1676mm1000-1676mm
Gross Weight (kg)750kg1700kg
Exciting Force(KN)>20KN>20KN
Vibration frequency (HZ)35HZ-60HZ35HZ-60HZ
Tamping Depth(mm)80-90mm80-90mm
Hydraulic working flow (L)40-6040-60

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